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Food and travel website ranks Iowa near the bottom of the list for its food scene

Brian Taylor Carlson   | The Des Moines Register
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There's no denying that Iowa has access to great ingredients and products from our hard-working farmers.

But a recent article from Thrillist has ranked our food near the bottom of the list of all 50 states.

The article, titled "All 50 States, Ranked by Their Food," Thrillist, a food and travel e-zine, ranked Iowa at 45 out of 50. 

"How does America's largest pork producing state (by far) not have a better barbecue scene?" the article from the Thrillist Food section said. "And don't try waving that pork tenderloin sandwich in our faces, as its comically out-of-whack meat-to-bun ratio makes it unwieldy."


Iowa beat out New Hampshire, Delaware, Nebraska, North Dakota and West Virginia — which ranked last. 

"Our intrepid panel (which is unbiased at least in the sense of being completely omnivorous) put its best taste buds forward and devised this unassailable hierarchy of state-by-state deliciousness," the article said. 

The top spot was taken by Texas for its barbecue scene, steakhouses, seafood, international cuisine and food truck culture. Texas was followed by California, New York, Louisiana and Tennessee.

Of Iowa's remainder of neighboring states, Illinois was 7, Wisconsin was 16, Missouri was 20, Minnesota was 27 and South Dakota was 42.

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